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I was going to catpat on my way home and report back. But it was Bad Cat Weather. Raining Bad Cats and Bad Dogs. So I thought I'd trawl through my photos and present....

Flamingo Park on the Isle of Wight.
The finger is purplepiano's. The tongue belongs to the parrot. Parrot tongues are dark, soft and only slightly damp and, when the parrot likes you (or is possibly salt-deficient), are applied liberally to any available human fingertip. After about ten minutes of belly-ticking and being licked, we tried to walk away from the parrot enclosure. But the parrots flew alongside us until we reached the end of it and then clung onto the mesh there and stared pathetically at us until we brought our fingers back. :)

And, hundreds of miles away...
Another parrot!

The finger is mine. The location is Loro Park, a parrot-themed park in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. My mission: following the first parrot incident, to find a parrot which wanted its belly stroked, obtain evidence and report back to purplepiano who, alas, had to attend a poolside Bayesian statistics conference that day. As you can see, I succeeded admirably. Even if I did have to go through two two-hour bumpy bus journeys and the Dotto Train of Stomach Reorganisation to get there and back.
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