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close shave

I didn't pat a dog today. This is the story of the dog I didn't pat.

Outside Sainsbury's, I met a bicycle. The bicycle was leaning against
the wall, quite unattended, and in its basket there was a very small,
very fox-like[1] dog with big beady eyes. On the front of the basket there was a sign:

Aha, I thought. That's a really good idea. A bit like the pat dogs which were
at the beer festival: some kind soul has left their little dog outside to bring
fluffy joy to passers-by. I moved closer, my hand outstretched to pat. Then I saw
the view from above:

Little dog looked up at me with a 'I could take the end of your fingernail off with these teeth, you know' kind-of look. I decided to respect the wishes of the mysterious owner. Maybe I should get a little dog for my bicycle. It seems to be more effective than a lock. :)

So: membership of community: two days. Animals patted: none. Next time I post, I will actually have patted one, honest!
[1]In fact, rather Sir-Didymus-like.
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