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Dog Treat Ingredients To Avoid

Dog Treat Ingredients To Avoid
 by: Todd Jones
There are many websites on the Internet that provide access to dog treat recipes. Many of these recipes are excellent resources for providing your dogs with healthy treats that are affordable and nutritious. As with any information that you find on the Internet, however, you should do quite a bit of your own research before using any of the dog treat recipes. This research should include ensuring that each of the ingredients is not harmful to your dog. This is necessary because many ingredients that we would not consider harmful could cause irreversible health problems and even fatalities in dogs.
Raisins are one example of an ingredient that should be avoided in dog treat recipes. Both grapes and raisins have been known to cause renal failure in dogs. Although one or two grapes may not be cause for concern, these products should be avoided in dog treat recipes and you should seek veterinary intervention if your dog ingests either grapes or raisins.
Onions are another such ingredient that should never be included in dog treat recipes. Many people make the mistake of thinking that onion is a great flavor for dog treats but ingesting onions even in small doses can make dogs susceptible to a certain type of anemia. Smaller dogs are especially prone to this anemia after ingesting onions.
Before following dog treat recipes, it is important to review the ingredients to ensure that each one is safe for consumption by dogs. It is important to note that seemingly harmless ingredients can be toxic when consumed by dogs.
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