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I'm usually more of a catpatter (I have four myself, so it's unavoidable even if I wanted to) but for my first report I have a dog patting!

It was at Village Venture, which is my town's sort of hallowe'en fete downtown, with games and a parade of costumed children and myriad stalls of things to buy, and of course lots of people, one of whom sat on a bench near my little group and had with him a gorgeous black lab/rotweiler mix. The Boy and I gave the pooch copious love, which he appreciated greatly -- he rubbed his bose across my hand after sniffing it, but no licks. He was very rottie-looking, overall, with very shiny black fur, tan markings, and a lovely pink tongue that we saw when he smiled.

We didn't stay as long as we might've as my friend was dressed all in black robes, with black facepaint, felinoid muzzle, and horns, and the dog felt that she was a threat he might need to protect against. He settled down after growling at and half-lunging for her (the lead kept him from doing it fully), but we didn't feel it was wise (or kind) to stay too long as she seemed to make him uneasy, even if the scritches alleviated it for the most part.

I don't have any pictures, but if I have time maybe I'll try to draw one later.
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