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patfest's Journal

Catpatters and Dogsnoggers
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Are you a dog or cat obsessive? Do you pounce on other people's pets and shower them with affection? Do you bore your friends with detailed descriptions of the gorgeous Komondor, Abyssinian, Hungarian Viszla or Russian Blue you stroked today?

This is a community of people who will NEVER BE BORED with that kind of stuff. This community exists to encourage random acts of affection towards animals. :)

The rules for posting are simple: Go out, find a friendly animal, pat and stroke it until it rolls at your feet in ecstasy, and report back. Members are encouraged to illustrate their posts with digicam photos or drawings, but if you don't have the technology, a lingering description will do just fine.

You're welcome to post about animals other than dogs and cats, or to post about your own pets. This isn't really a 'pictures of my pet' community, but put it this way, we're not exactly going to *complain*. :)

A note on some strange words you might hear here from time to time: A bose is a dog's nose, and a nug is a cat's nose. For the longer explanation, go here...