The Alchemist (the_alchemist) wrote in patfest,
The Alchemist

They're Labradorable!

I was in my church directing a rehearsal of a play I wrote, when the vicar came down from his office accompanied by his two black labradors, Oscar and Madonna. I idly pat Oscar and Madonna starts nuzzling me as she wants some attention too - it soon degenerates into an ecstasy of wagging, patting, jumping. With resignation, Father lets go of their leads. Madonna takes a firm hold of Oscar's one and makes him accompany her on a frolic around the stage. More patting...

Oh dear, I'm not really Yves-like enough for this. A pat is a pat is a pat as far as I'm concerned. They're lovely, but not the stuff of lingering descriptions. Perhaps I don't belong her after all...
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