yvesilena (yvesilena) wrote in patfest,

Odd cat experience

I think Cleo and Bunny are getting to me. Today, during my regular visit to Dog of the Day, I felt absolutely compelled to click on the thumbnail of this picture and then to stare at it for quite some time with incoherent thoughts like 'buuuuuuuuji' and 'I want to plunge through the monitor and GRAB IT!' running though my head.

This is an experience I normally only get with dog photos. Maybe it's because this looks like the feline equivalent of a black labrador, but I suspect it's also because it looks like Cleo. Andi held Cleo up to the screen to see what she thought of the resemblance. She looked mildly unnerved and stared at the carpet, obviously thinking she'd been caught on candid camera.

Speaking of which, the man with the digicam did not turn up to take photos of the cats as planned, but we're still trying to get him over...

Finally, if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss The Bose-Nug Personality Test!
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