yvesilena (yvesilena) wrote in patfest,

DAT ALERT/Huge flolloping Alsatian megapuppy

OK, I haven't posted in here for ages, but I've got the urge again...

When I moved into the Penguin House, Andi insisted that his Chinchilla Persian, Bunny, was *not* a dat (doggy cat). He has since been more-or-less persuaded that any cat who is idiotically soppy, has no dignity, lies on her back with all four paws in the air to get attention, and loves being vigorously patted and generally mauled about, IS A DAT.

Let's just say I got the final, clinching piece of evidence this morning when I awoke to the unmistakable sensation of a Chinchilla *licking my hand*. Repeatedly. :)

Later this morning, I had an errand to the post office, which I accepted *very* gladly because the post office has Alsatians. Up until today I'd managed to pat one of them (ludicrously soppy), but the other remained as a mysterious pair of ears behind the counter, so I assumed it was antisocial.


Today the beast revealed itself by hurtling out from behind the counter and launching a lick-attack on another customer. I pulled it off him (not sure if he actually wanted me to rush to his defence, but I wasn't about to let him hog the dog.) To my astonishment, despite being the size of a small donkey, the thing was clearly not much more than a puppy, with that tell-tale puppy coat, loose skin, and enormous paws and bose (Alsatians, like all wolf-like dogs, have huge paws and boses as adults, so you can imagine what they look like when they haven't grown into them :)

Anyway, she (for it was a she) proved to be EVEN SOPPIER than the other one. Kept hurling herself onto her back from a standing start and flashing her pink tummy, writhing around my legs, trying to win the prize for 'Most Alsatian Bose Juice on a Human Face' etc (and by the way, she smelled very distinctly of Worcester Sauce crisps). Then the other one came out and joined in. I basically disappeared under a pile of Alsatians. Every time I think about it I keep grinning. :)
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